A weekend with a full day of rope intensives, a day of Ropenspace, two play parties, plus Kinbaku rope performances!


Workshops + Kinbaku Performances  + UPL


Friday and Saturday nights will include kinbaku rope performances by Murphy Blue (Friday) and Lizard (Saturday) as well as one workshop each evening by Murphy Blue.  Following the performances each night the hard points will be up for typical RopeLab-style UPL where you can play, lab out some stuff, practice or even create an impromptu workshop. 


UPL is a concept that we created for RopeLab events that combines of some of the best formats we have seen in other groups. The basic concept is that most events will have one or more featured presenters, but participants are always free to do additional workshops, learn, practice, play, experiment, and collaborate on their own. The High Point space is large and has two rooms plus a balcony, and there will always be plenty of hard points and space to spread out. UPL stand for "Unconference + Play + Lab Time."


If those workshops are not your speed, you can use the time for something more productive for you. For example, you can present your own workshop, request that someone present a workshop on a particular topic, play or do scenes, practice or do lab time, collaborate with others to learn or improve skills or ties, watch, network and make friends. The bottom line is that RopeLab is YOURS. It is your time to learn, grow, improve, share, invent, practice, teach, collaborate, and PLAY!



$15 per person each night or free with a weekend pass, which gets you into everything all weekend.  A weekend pass Includes an intensive, Friday & Saturday night UPL (play parties, workshops and rope performances) AND Ropenspace on Sunday. Saturday lunch and Sunday pancake breakfast are also included!


Advance purchase or available at the door.






Following Your Rope Path by Murphy Blue- 8:30-9:30pm

When you enter the “Rope Scene,” you sometimes see an amazing rope artist doing their thing and think, “I wanna be just like them!!” But do you really? Is there only one path to rope greatness? This discussion shows some of the different paths that exist in doing rope, as well as the desires of some of the practitioners of those paths. In doing so, you may be able to find what you want out of rope, without getting burnt out by expectations from an undesirable path.


 Kinbaku Rope Performance by Murphy & Diamond Blue and Play party follows the workshop




Saturday night will  begin with another can't-miss Murphy Blue workshop followed by some serious eye-candy: a rope performance by Lizard.


Murphy Blue Saturday night Workshop.   In The Lover’s Ropes - 8:30-9:30pm

As an aspect of Self, the Lover can house passion, lust, and an intense commitment to the pleasure of the Beloved. Invoking the Lover can offer the power and focus that comes with setting your energy on a goal: the giving of yourself to generate desire within and pleasure for your partner. The Lover is the architect of the sensual moment; with the raw materials of compassion and a complete devotion to the moment, the Lover's rewards come from the response and reciprocation of their Beloved.


This workshop will focus on invoking the Lover in both the binder and the bound (for it is always more powerful when both are working towards the pleasure of the other) and understanding how much to bring the Lover to the forefront of your interactions. You'll learn some rope ties uses to bind your partner in your passion and let the Lover’s energy linger on them for a while. Please either bring a partner you are willing to explore this with or a willingness to be paired up with someone and at least 25-30 ft of rope.


Lizard Shibari Performance :  9:45pm.  UPL/Play party follows until 2am



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Location: HighPoint (near 315 & Henderson Roads in Columbus, Ohio.  Address will be given to registered attendees)


What to Bring:  ID and rope/gear.  You may also want to bring water, personal snack (like energy bars), food to share (brownies, pie, snacks), blankets, towels, yoga mats, carabineers/rings, and other kinky toys.   


Don't bring: Humans under 18, bad attitudes, private investigators, weapons, alcohol, illegal drugs, ocelots (or other non-human pets).


Dress:  Nude or not, anything goes but dress vanilla until you get in the main room. Please use a barrier to sit on like a blanket or towel if you are nude.

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August 26-28, 2016       *     HighPoint (Columbus, Ohio)



Intensives, Ropenspace & Play!