RopeLab Presents:

Twistmas 2017 w/

FredRx & kaijafaerie

Intensive Workshop (Full day - Intermediate/Advanced),

Performance + Play Party

12/30/17 @ The Space

PLUS a bonus "Whips & Rope" workshop at the

Twistmas Party prior to the performance.

Join us for RopeLab’s annual Twistmas party, this year featuring the one and only FredRx!

Date:  Saturday 12/30/17

Location:  The Columbus Space

*Intensive Limited to 12 tying couples*


  • 9:30am-5:30pm:  Intermediate/advanced intensive workshops with FredRx

  • 7:30pm-2am: Twistmas Party at the Space (open play, workshop and performance)

  • 8pm:  Workshop with FredRx (Whips and Rope - all levels)

  • 9pm:  Performance with FredRx & kaijafaerie

  • 2am:  Party ends


Ticket Prices:

Early Bird/Regular (Per Person). Early Bird prices for intensive end on 12/9/17.

  • Intensive: $89/$110

  • Auditing: Per Class (single): $75/$85

  • Twistmas Party: $15 advance /$20 day of event



Workshops (Intensive):

Body manipulation techniques

Get ready to investigate the mechanics of the body, pressure points, and mental manipulation as we explore the idea of controlling other bodies with our own. we will have conversation and opportunity to play with the physical embodiment of confidence, posture, rope fluidity, and other subtle cues in play with our partners

M Position Suspension

Using a butt harness to lift the butt and create an M position. Line management, static suspension and transition options.


Two and three point torsions. Introducing the concept of twisted suspension shapes, including line management, body awareness, and body mechanics.

Additional Workshops Time Permitting

Intensive Workshop Prerequisites:

Riggers should have a solid understanding of single column ties, TK's, suspendable futomomos and upline management. Riggers should be able to tie a solid 2 rope TK in 4 minutes or less. Bottoms should have some suspension experience and be capable of a full day of tying that will including multiple suspensions. 

About FredRx

Fred’s relationship rope has taken many forms and has been ever present in his life. from scouts, to rigging, to rock climbing and now rope bondage. Fred began tying a few years ago, with American and eastern influences, to enhance his beds scenes. Fred's passion for rope itself exceed his own knowledge and he began to travel for the sole sake of learning more. the last few years of his life has been spent as a traveling rope-gypsy, learning as many different styles and techniques as possible from inspiring teachers and riggers all over the globe.

Fred's not easily categorized, stereotyped, or labeled... nor is his rope. instead of following only one methodology of rope bondage in his tying and teaching, Fred wishes to amalgamate the unique wisdom of each of his teachers, the distinctive styles of different cultures, and his personal reverence for the magic in improvised rope.

Fred's focus on fusing traditional Japanese rope bondage with his own chaotic primal nature and a curiosity of the twisted and unexplored. Fred has taught intensives and conventions both in the US and internationally. Fred love's his students and the game that is learning how they learn. he wishes to inspire discipline and wonder in their personal tying practices and encourage everyone to dissect, inspect, and expand on anything Fred says. Fred think's rope is an incredible tool and he looks forward to forever be learning more about it.

Private Instruction Available:


Take your rope study to the next level with private instruction with Fred. Prices are 75/hr with a minimum of two hours. Discount for 5 hours ($300) or for small groups as well. You must provide your own partner. If you are doing suspension, especially advanced suspension, FredRx may want to have a bottom as well. You can bring a second bottom or RopeLab can provide one at an additional cost of $20 per hour. If you are not sure if you need a second bottom, please let us know when booking a slot or contact FredRx directly. 

To reserve a private lessons slot, contact

Hotels Near the Space:

Comfort Suites East Broad (about $118- includes breakfast and airport shuttle);
Address: 70 Chris Perry Ln, Columbus, OH 43213
Phone: (614) 364-4362

Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Columbus Air E OH (about $118)
Address: 6305 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43213
Phone: (614) 322-8000

Holmes Suites & Inn
Address: 6335 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43213
Phone: (614) 604-8594

SpringHill Suites by Marriott Columbus Airport Gahanna (about $130 - includes Breakfast, internet and airport shuttle)
Address: 665 Taylor Rd, Columbus, OH 43230
Phone: (614) 501-4770


More info:

What to Bring: ID and rope/gear (minimum 10-12 lengths of rope, carabiners/ring) and a partner. You may also want to bring water, personal snack (like energy bars), food to share (brownies, pie, snacks) blankets, towels, yoga mats, carabineers/rings, and other kinky toys. Lunch is own your own. 

Dress for workshops: Rope comfortable. Nudity is permitted.

Age: Must be at least 19 years old

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