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Special thanks to the-starling for creating the Rope Labrador Logo!

Rope Labradors are the community's experienced rope bondage fans that regularly attend RopeLab events and that have been invited to be a Rope Labrador.  Rope Labradors are a cross between VIP club members and RopeLab staff members that help out at events by being available to others with questions about ropey things, or other questions or concerns.  Rope Labradors get special perks too! 

Rope Labradors generally:

  • Regularly attend RopeLab and other community rope and kink events.

  • Have experience in the rope and kink community.

  • Have experience with rope bondage (as a top or bottom).

  • Are willing to be approachable to help address questions or concerns about RopeLab, events, rope bondage ties or techniques, consent issues, or other general questions or concerns. 

  • Exhibit high standards for ethics, respect, safety, and consent.

Rope Labradors Get Perks!:

  • First crack at event staff/volunteer positions that earn free admission or discounts.

  • Early notice of intensive announcements and events. 

  • Free Rope Labrador Tee Shirt after attending 5 events, and Free RopeLab admission after every 5 events after that.

  • Special Rope Labrador only events.

  • Rope Labrador Badge to wear at events.

Are you qualified to be a Rope Labrador?


Let us know!  

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ropelab @ gmail.com or use the form below

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Rope Labradors!

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