Below is a collection of links that we have found to be helpful.  The list is always changing and growing, so please feel free to let us know if you have new resources or if these links become out of date, broken, etc. 


These are suggestions only, and RopeLab does not endorse these resources for accuracy, safety, or otherwise.  You should always use your own independent judgment to determine what is best and safe for yourself. 




Watching videos online will never replace time spent with a real life hands-on instructor!  You simply cannot learn rope this way.  It is just not safe.  If you want to learn rope, especially suspensions, you should seek out multiple mentors with significant experience, and attend intensives, workshops, and conferences.  We suggest learning from multiple people because there is simply not one true way to do things (aka the "one twue way")  and you need to learn what is best for you.  Moreover, some people are likely to teach in a way that is safer than others, so always think and make decisions that are best for you!


Rope Tutorials and Videos list courtesy of PinkMynx  


Rope Bondage Tutorials courtesy of Action_Bastard 


Topologist videos on fetlife:  


Some Videos suggested by Topologist:

Chest-loading Takate Kote

Somerville Bowline


Crash Restraint: topologist's rope website


Rope Topia: WykD_Dave's Website


Kink Acadamy (paid site with many good rope tutorial videos)


Bondage safety:

Remedial Ropes Website


          Peer FetLife page sticky 



Esinem basic takate gote  


Online Tutorials - RopeSpace  


M0co - Beemo Super dynamic suspension Harness 

What Rope & Gear Should I Bring?


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