A Rope-y, Kinky Vacation with Pedro, Lizard & more  

March 26 - April 2, 2016  ~   Hedonism ii  ~ Jamaica 



Pedro, based in Lisbon Portugal, is an artist, kinbaku artist, educator, performer, and video director/producer. He has studied extensively with Japanese rope masters over the last twelve years, beginning with Osada Steve in 2003. He has studied with Nawashi Akechi Denki Sensei and Nawashi Kanna, both of whom remain the strongest influences on his style. More recently has been closely studying the style of Naka Akira, as well as maintaining his investigation on Hojojutsu.


Pedro has performed in Europe, U.S. and Japan, and he regularly teaches and presents workshops in Portugal, Spain, France, The Netherlands, U.K., Germany and the USA.


In 2015 Pedro released a kinbaku community-acclaimed video called "jyowa," which means "rope stories." The film features some of Japan's most prominent kinbaku figures, including Naka Akira, Yukimura Haruki, Nawashi Kanna, Urado Hiroshi and Hajime Kinoko.


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L00M is a Pacific Northwest rope artist, bondage performer and photographer who has created his own unique take on ropecentric art.. As an artist, his journey into Shibari began with a single hank of rope. Thirsty for knowledge, L00M continues to further his education through private instruction with some of the art form’s most top-tier talent. 


As a performer, he’s been known to show up in places like MBE San Francisco, Vancouver BC’s annual Pride Parade plus various other burner, fetish and rope related events with Vertigo Rope..  Additionally when he’s not in the studio or on stage, he continues to give back to his rope community by teaching bi-monthly rope labs and sharing his knowledge through local rope shares..



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Lizard has been active in the DC/Baltimore area for the last four years. She has had the privilege of learning from some of the most influential rope artists around the world. Lizard aspires to be a lifelong student of rope. She describes her style of rope as one which favors structural simplicity, adaptability, fluidity, and connection over traditional aesthetics. As an educator, Lizard has been involved in rope share groups such as DC Rope, The Knotting Circle, and NARIX. This year, she has begun teaching classes at local events such as Rope Mecca.


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LaughingDragon has been involved in the rope scene for over 15 years, and has studied extensively with masters from many parts of the globe. He is a seasoned bondage performer. His fast and intense style makes an exciting show, and his performances have become a fixture at many events in Vancouver.


LaughingDragon has a passion for spreading bondage and helping people experience what rope can be firsthand. This passion has driven him to give individually-tailored bondage experiences to hundreds of people over the years at events in Vancouver, Seattle, Toronto and Black Rock City. He also founded Vertigo Rope, a collective of talented rope persons who meet regularly to share and learn from each other and collaborate to create amazing rope events and experiences. LaughingDragon teaches rope courses with his co-teacher GirlOnFire, and he also worked as a consultant to the film industry on 50 Shades of Grey.


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Malak is a sadist who enjoys rock climbing and making pretty girls cry. He is one of the organizers of Rope Bite Atlanta and has presented at several local events and a few neighboring Rope Bites. Malak is known for his intensity and social awkwardness. He is excited to share the rigging knowledge he has gained over the past couple years. 


"The real bonding power of pain, then, may be in the pleasure we feel so acutely in its wake."

--Maria Konnikova, writer



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l3gato has been heavily involved in the Columbus OH rope and kink community for about two and half years as a bottom, rigger and presenter. She is a RopeLab and BeachBind organizer and staff member, and she regularly attends both local and national events, workshops, and conferences. Her passion for rope continues to grow exponentially. 


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Located in Vancouver BC, Canada. kitten was first introduced to the world of rope in 2007 and has been an active member of the group Vertigo Rope since its inception in 2013. Starting out as a bondage model and rope bottom gave her a great foundation of knowledge. In more recent years she has begun to self-tie and to tie others for play, performance, and art. kitten is always looking for new opportunities to learn and challenge herself, in rope and in life, and encourages you to do the same.


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Ebi McKnotty is a rope addict based in Quebec City, Canada. She has been self-tying since 2006, and started modeling as a bottom in 2007. She started tying others and self-suspending in 2011 when she studied with the Ichinawa-Kai and Kazami Ranki in London. She now travels all over America and Europe to learn and share her discoveries. Ebi is the co-founder of NARIX, a conference dedicated to the exploration of rope bondage. Grounded in the Japanese style, her ropes have been described as experimental, sweet, sensual and sadistic; usually all at the same time.


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Once Chel was introduced to rope as a connective medium, she was hooked. She has spent the last four years traveling extensively to learn and has been incredibly fortunate to study with many world class riggers.


Bringing a unique and well rounded approach to her rope, Chel is equally experienced as a bottom as well as a top and is well versed in tying both the male and female form. Chel has taught all over Ohio and neighboring states as well as at Wristrained 2015, with many more in the works!

Chel brings all of her personality and energy to her rope work. She walks the fine line between serious and playful adding just a touch of sass! She'll smile and tell you that she's not a sadist, she's just easily amused.


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GirlOnFire is an accomplished rope bottom, rigger, rope educator and performer in the Vancouver rope scene. She has been an avid rope enthusiast ever since her introduction to it in 2012. As is her way, once the spark was lit, her passion for rope took off, and she has been doing rope continuously since then, continuing to grow and expand her skills. She has attended classes and training with many top rope instructors, and she has done many rope performances both locally and abroad. Performing is one of her passions; she loves to see the excitement it brings to those watching.


As one of the leaders of Vertigo Rope, GirlOnFire is involved in much of the organizing and behind-the-scenes work of running this organization. She also co-teaches rope courses, for new and experienced riggers alike, alongside her partner LaughingDragon.


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DireWo1f is the founder of  RopeLab and BeachBind, DireWo1f has been teaching privately and presenting and attending workshops, conference and rope groups including CORG, HighPoint, unconferences, GrUEs, ShibariCon and RopeLab events. In addition, DireWo1f served as a teaching assistant at Topologist's two-day suspension intensive in July 2015.  


DireWo1f has been immersed in rope bondage for about four - five  years. He has invested countless hours in rigging and has studied with several internationally-known riggers. DireWo1f regularly attends rope and kink events and typically practices rope and ropey photography 3-4 times a week.


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Dr. Shelley, originally from New Zealand, now calls Sin City (Las Vegas) her home. She has a PhD in Human Sexuality specializing in the Health Benefits of Sex and open relationships. She loves expanding people's consciousness to include more energy awareness, open communication, variation and sensation. She teaches workshops worldwide and works one-on-one with couples and individuals to enhance their sexual experiences. New to the rope scene she is looking forward to participating and learning new skills! 


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