w/ Molly_V &  linworth


Two-Day Advanced Intensive (Sat-Sun)

(Limited to 11 advanced spots; See prerequisites & application process below; apply by 2/2/17)

Saturday Night Workshop, Performance & Play Party

(Open to the public.  Workshop is suitable for all skill levels)​​


May 6-7 2017


The Columbus Space

180 Outerbelt St,  Columbus OH 43213


Join us for a two-day advanced intensive with world-renowned presenter and performer Pedro from Lisbon, Portugal, and linworth.  Pedro travels extensively teaching and performing, and has studied with some of the greatest shibari instructors including Akechi Denki, Nawashi Kanna, Hajime Kinoko, and Naka Akira.  linworth is one of the co-organizers of RopeLab as well a regularly appearing presenter on bottoming education throughout Ohio.

The Intensive participants have been selected.  Email RopeLab@gmail .com to be considered as an alternate. 


Saturday Night Awesomeness (open to the public):


Pedro and linworth will launch the play party at The Space with an all-levels workshop followed by a highly acclaimed, jaw-dropping, earth-shattering performance with Pedro and Molly_V, who is a regular performer at events like Trauma and MBE, and a long-time leader of CORG.  The party will begin in a seperatre room at the same time and last until 2am. 

Intensive Curriculum:


The intensive curriculum will likely be similar to other Pedro advanced intensives taking place in North America (e.g. see Toronto).  Once the participants are selected, all participants will be able to give their feedback and preferences per Pedro's request.  The actual curriculum will then be crafted from everyone's feedback; however, Pedro may detour from the workshop list depending on the needs of the group. 




* Sat night:  Party, Workshop & Performance: $25/per person.  Open to the public.

* Intensive:   $169/per person.  Includes two day intensive plus the Saturday night Party, Workshop & Performance.  For approved applicants only.

Weekend Schedule:

Saturday during the day, May 6th (Intensive):

* 9:30am:  Doors (coffee and snacks provided)

* 10am-1pm:  Intensive Workshops (TBA)

* 1pm-2:30pm:  Lunch (on your own)

* 2:30-5:30 Intensive Workshops (TBA)


Saturday evening, May 6th (Public Workshop, Performance & Play Party)

* 7:30pm:  Doors (The Space)

* 8pm-8:45pm: Public Workshop (all levels / Sandua Room)

* 9pm-9:30: Performance (Sandua Room)

* 8pm-2am: Play Party starts in main room


Sunday, May 7th (Intensive):

* 10:15am:  Doors (coffee and snacks provided)

* 10:30am-1:30pm:  Intensive Workshops (TBA)

* 1:30pm-2:45pm:  Lunch (on your own)

* 2:45pm-5:30pm Intensive Workshops (TBA)

Intensive Prerequisites:


Riggers:  Must be at an advanced level.  Riggers should have strong rope handling skills and understanding of tension, the ability to tie a solid, suspension-worthy TK or box tie variation, and have significant experience with suspension techniques, including some transition experience.  Riggers should be able to execute these techniques in a safe, timely, and effective manner. ​


Bottoms:  Should have some experience with advanced techniques and suspension, and the physical ability to endure a two-day workshop that includes significant time in the air, including transition exercises.

Intensive Application Process:   There are two ways to be considered:

1. RopeLab Advance Intensive List:  This is a mailing list that RopeLab uses to send out notice of new intensives. If you are on this list, you will be considered.  However, If the Selection Committee Members (-EM-, -Chel- and darkEcho) do not know of you or your qualifications, we suggest you use option 2.


2. Send a request to by February 2nd, 2017.  Please include your contact information, a detailed description of your experience and skills, links to images of your work, and, if you would like, the names of one or more references.  

Intensive Selection Process:


RopeLab's all-volunteer leadership and staff work tirelessly all  year round to bring great opportunities, including our regular monthly workshops, small group workshops such as FredRx, and intensives such as Pedro, Murphy & Diamond Blue, knot_head, Cannon, and -EM- & cat.  Most of the RopeLab events are open to anyone, even if they do not meet the intended skill level.


However, for some advanced intensives, there is a need to limit attendance to those who meet the requisite skill level. Most high-level advanced intensives are invite-only and/or pre-vetted. This is often done at the request of the presenter, and there are good reasons for this. First, it is not particularly safe to have someone try a tie or technique that is above their skill level.  Second, the more advanced intensives are very fast-paced arduous for even the most experienced riggers. Though the presence of varied skill levels works for some workshops, in high-level intensives it does not. The presenter must choose between having some paid attendees audit or adjusting the curriculum to a more intermediate level, to the frustration of the advanced attendees.  Finally, given that there are very few opportunities for truly advanced intensives in the United States, it is appropriate to ensure that the very limited spots go to those most qualified.

After significant thought and discussions with both Pedro and several individuals from the advanced rope community,  RopeLab's staff and advisors have created a system that will select participants for the Pedro intensive in a manner that is fair and transparent.  In order to ensure that no individual can "play favorites" or select individuals who do not qualify, RopeLab has created an independent Selection Committee. RopeLab selected two members (neither from Columbus and one from out-of-state).  Those two individuals then selected a third member (also from out of state).  The Selection Committee consists of -EM-, -Chel- and darkEcho.

The Selection Committee was given the names of everyone who expressed interest, and from that list, it will choose the individuals it believes are the most qualified. The Selection Committee has been provided complete autonomy to select the participants, deliberately free of outside influence (including RopeLab staff). The committee will select participants solely based on the following factors:

The committee will select applicants by considering the following directives:

  • Does the person possess the minimum skill level required per the prerequisites?

  • Does the person have the ability to keep up with a fast-paced intensive and not hold back the rest of the participants?

Miscellaneous:  The committee may consider other relevant factors at its discretion, such as facts relating to reputation (but should not consider unproven rumors),  personal temperament (are they respectful and collaborative or do they monopolize the presenter's time?) and other factors that relate to the best interest of the intensive, the participants, and the presenter.

  • The committee members should avoid strongly advocating for close friends or partners and should note any such potential biases to the other members.

  • For unknown applicants, the committee should attempt to get enough information to assess skill level and other relevant factors.

  • The committee should first select individuals who have unanimous approval, followed by those who have 2/3 approval if necessary

  • The committee should create a primary list and alternate list.  The alternates may audit the class

If you are not selected, try not to be discouraged. We know it doesn’t feel great, but every person making the cut has been in your shoes. Instead, focus on what you can do - and there are options. First, Pedro will be in Columbus for about a week and will be available for private lessons.  Second, everyone is welcome to participate in his workshop Saturday night (before his performance and the play party at the Space).  And of course, you can take advantage of other educational opportunities, such as the many events put on in locally and in the region.  With patience, diligent practice, and education, you have the power to grow your rope skills to wherever you’d like them to be.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the RopeLab staff.

Pedro Bio: 

Pedro, based in Lisbon Portugal, is an artist, kinbaku artist, educator, performer, and video director/producer. He has studied extensively with Japanese rope masters over the last twelve years, beginning with Osada Steve in 2003. He has studied with Nawashi Akechi Denki Sensei and Nawashi Kanna, both of whom remain the strongest influences on his style. More recently has been closely studying the style of Naka Akira, as well as maintaining his investigation on Hojojutsu.


Pedro has performed in Europe, U.S. and Japan, and he regularly teaches and presents workshops in Portugal, Spain, France, The Netherlands, U.K., Germany and the USA.


In 2015 Pedro released a kinbaku community-acclaimed video called "jyowa," which means "rope stories." The film features some of Japan's most prominent kinbaku figures, including Naka Akira, Yukimura Haruki, Nawashi Kanna, Urado Hiroshi and Hajime Kinoko.


Pedro on Fetlife             Interview with Graydancer 


Event Details: 

Dates: Saturday, May 5th - Sunday, May 6th (plus surrounding dates for private instruction)

Location:  The Columbus Space   180 Outerbelt St,  Columbus OH 43213

Cost: $25/$$169 (see pricing structure above)

Bring: ID and rope/gear (minimum 10-12 lengths of rope, carabiners/ring), and a partner.  You may also want to bring water, personal snack (like energy bars), food to share (brownies, pie, snacks) blankets, towels, yoga mats, carabineers/rings, and other kinky toys.

Dress for workshops: Rope comfortable. No nudity below the waist during the workshops.


Dress for play party: Nude or not, anything goes, but dress vanilla until you get in the main room. Please use a barrier to sit on (like a blanket or towel) if you are nude.

Age:  Must be at least 19 years old (this is venue rule). 

More info:

For info on event & photography rules, what to wear, coming without a partner, etc., see this sticky.  Note:  The Saturday night play party rules will be the Space rule rather than the standard RopeLab rules.


For rope resources & tutorials, see this. For info on what kind of rope to use, see this.

If you are new to RopeLab, rope, or kink, read this.

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