RopeLab Presents:

Kazami Ranki

Osaka, Japan


Internationally-Acclaimed Rope Artist & Teacher


3 days of Intensive Rope Bondage Workshops

& Performances in Columbus, Ohio:


  • Level I:  Saturday 10/28/17; 10am-5:30pm at The Columbus Space 

  • Level II:  Sunday 10/29/17: 10am-3:30pm at The Columbus Space

  • Level III:  Tuesday 10/31/17; 7-11pm at a private location near downtown, Columbus.


Although known as the Atrocious Nawashi, Kazami Ranki's Kinbaku show truly highlights the nature and spirit of the woman in her tied element. He is also the organizer of SM events mainly in Tokyo and Osaka. His regular event is LIBIDO "Bakuetsu no Utage" "Kinbakuyugi-Gekitotsu". Kazami-San is also holding regular live shows around the country and has appeared in numerous DVDs.


His ties and styles, including his gote and hip harness have become standard ties among the rope elite, and have influenced many of the ties seen today.


Ticket Prices:


-Workshops are progressive, but all are offered a la carte.  


-Packages for any two or three are discounted.


-Each workshop purchased includes 1 ticket to Trauma per person ($25 value), which includes the Kazami performance. 

-Early Bird prices end on Thursday  10/19/17.


A la Carte / Per-Level  -  Early Bird/regular (Per Person)

Level I:   $62.50/$75

Level II:  $62.50/$75

Level III:  $42.50/$47.50

Auditing - Per Class (single): $75/$85


Packages (Discounted):  Early Bird/regular (Per Person)

Level I+II:  $105/$115

Levels II+III: $95/$105  

Levels I, II, + II: $145/$155



Level I:   Kazami Style Gote Shibari & Hip Harness (Beginners and Intermediate levels). Limited to 12 tying couples


  • Kazami believes that “It starts with Gote Shibari and ends with Gote Shibari”. It is very important to master this perfectly.  

  • Kazami’s basic hip harness. This can be used for side suspension, hip suspension, gyaku-ebi suspension, and upside down suspension.

  • If we have extra time, he will be teaching more things.


Level I attendees should be able to tie single column ties proficiently and have some experience and knowledge with hitches and frictions.

NOTE: Anyone that would like to learn these skills can attend RopeLab on 10/22.  


Level II:  Kazami Style Suspensions:

 (Intermediate class).  Limited to 12 tying couples


  • Kazami Style Side Suspension::  There are many that do side suspension by using the rope on the side (from the shoulder) but for Kazami style, he takes the rope from the back also to stabilize. He likes to adjust this tie to make beautiful balance.

  • Gyaku-ebi Suspension:  Using the 3 point from the back of the body, he will suspend and balance the body into a gyaku-ebi form.  If we have additional time, he will teach more different suspensions.


Level II attendees should be able to tie a gote (box tie) and have some basic suspension experience. Anyone that would like to gain extra help can contact DireWo1f  or l3gato for private instruction.


Level III:   Suspension Transitions:

(Advanced class).  Limited to 6 tying couples


  • Transitions

  • Gyaku-ebi to Side suspension

  • Kaikyaku (Open leg) suspension to Upside down suspension

  • If we have additional time, he will teach more different suspensions.


Level III attendees should have experience with suspensions.

No Affiliation with previous event:


RopeLab is aware that a different person or group previously announced a workshop with Kazami for the same weekend, however that event has been cancelled.   RopeLab and Trauma have no affiliation with that individual or group.  Unfortunately, neither RopeLab or Trauma is able to transfer registrations made for workshops through that group, or offer refunds.  Refunds should be requested through the ticket provider for that event.




Private Instruction Available:

Take your rope study to the next level with private instruction.  Prices are $100/hr with a minimum of two hours. You must provide your own tying partner. You may also choose to have a translator (Kazami-San can speak some English, but a translator is recommended in order to maximize your time. We have a translator available for most time slots at $25/hour). 

Kazami-San has open slots available on the following days and times:

Wednesday 10/25    10am-Noon
Wednesday 10/25    1:30-4:30pm
Wednesday 10/25    7-9pm
Wednesday 10/25    9-11pm
Thursday 10/26    10am-Noon
Thursday 10/26    1:30-4:30pm
Friday 10/27        10am-Noon
Friday 10/27        1:30-4:30pm
Monday 10/30        10am-Noon
Monday 10/30        1:30-4:30pm
Monday 10/30        7-9pm
Monday 10/30        9-11pm
Tuesday 10/31    10am-Noon
Tuesday 10/31    1:30-4:30

To reserve a private lessons slot, contact 


More info:


  • What to Bring:  ID and rope/gear (minimum 10-12 lengths of rope, carabiners/ring), and a partner.  You may also want to bring water, personal snack (like energy bars), food to share (brownies, pie, snacks) blankets, towels, yoga mats, carabineers/rings, and other kinky toys.  Lunch is own your own - Note there will only be a very short lunch break on Sunday, likely not enough time to go out.


  • Dress for workshops: Rope comfortable. Nudity is permitted.

  • Age:  Must be at least 18 years old


Hotels Near the Space:

Comfort Suites East Broad (about $118- includes breakfast and airport shuttle);

Address: 70 Chris Perry Ln, Columbus, OH 43213

Phone: (614) 364-4362

Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Columbus Air E OH (about $118)

Address: 6305 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43213

Phone: (614) 322-8000


Holmes Suites & Inn

Address: 6335 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43213

Phone: (614) 604-8594

SpringHill Suites by Marriott Columbus Airport Gahanna (about $130 - includes Breakfast, internet and airport shuttle)

Address: 665 Taylor Rd, Columbus, OH 43230

Phone: (614) 501-4770


Still have Questions?


Do not hesitate to ask us at or PM  DireWo1f on FetLife.