Want to up your rope game?


RopeLab Presents:


Private & Small Group Instruction


January 18th, 19th & 20th 2017
(Wednesday, Thursday & Friday - time slots available during the morning, afternoon and evening and possibly Friday morning/afternoon on the 20th)


Near Downtown Columbus (address to be given to registered participants)


  • Private: $75/hour (minimum 2 hours); 5 hours for $300 (get one hour free)

  • Small Groups of 3-6 couples: $40/hour per couple (minimum 2 hours)

  • Two couples: $60/hour (minimum 2 hours)

About the Reverend Munster FredRx

FredRx is a professional rigger, photographer, climber and explorer, doctor and ordained reverend, gangster-wizard-ninja-pirate-bunny and full-time munster. He has fast become one of the premier rope-educators, often headlining and presenting at the top rope cons and doing intensives throughout the United States. He is a world class creative soul and meanie, and RopeLab will have him for two days of intimate, close up personal time!

How It Works & Sign Up:

You simply email us at and tell us:

  • If you want private (just Fred and you) or small group (2 or 3-6 couples)

  • When you are available (i.e. Weds, Thursday, and/or Friday morning/afternoon)

  • What times you are available - mornings, afternoons, evenings etc. ((the more flexible you are, the better chance you have of getting a spot))

  • The approximate skill level of the rigger and bottom: Beginner: Less than six months, still learning basic ties (single and two column ties, harnesses, futomomo); Intermediate: Less than 2 years, not doing suspensions or just starting or ready to start; Advanced: at least a year doing rope intensively, attended multiple intensives and/or studied with other advanced practitioners, very comfortable with the technical and safety aspects of suspension.

  • What you are looking to learn: Gives us a quick idea of some things you might want to focus on, e.g. rope handling, suspension basics, suspension transitions, specific ties or patterns like TK, Futomomo, etc.

We will then look at everyone that wants a piece of Fred, see who fits together, and let you know if you got a slot and when and where your group’s time slot is. You will then have a couple of days to confirm or complain. But we’re hoping that you won’t complain too much. :-P. You can also put your own groups together.

Deadline to register:

Yesterday! FredRx will be in the ‘cbus before we know it. We don’t a lot of time to put this together, so let us know right away if you want a piece of Fred! Once the time slots are full, it is too late, unless you can convince Fred to lose a little sleep for you. And he probably won’t.

Bring: ID (must be 18) and rope/gear. You may also want to bring water, personal snack (like energy bars), food to share (brownies, pie, snacks), blankets, towels, yoga mats, carabineers/rings etc.

Dress: Nude or not, anything goes, but dress vanilla until you get inside. Please use a barrier to sit on (like a blanket or towel) if you are nude.

Questions? Do not hesitate to PM us or ask at ropelab@gmail.com 

Register now! Email us at RopeLab@gmail.com!