A weekend with a full day of rope intensives, a day of Ropenspace, two play parties, plus Kinbaku rope performances!



RopeLab is proud and excited to bring to Central Ohio one of the most notable rope and BDSM educators, performers and practitioners: Murphy Blue  a/k/a Blue Risk! Diamond Blue will be joining him. Murphy and Diamond Blue will present a full day of advanced rope workshops on Saturday August 26th, 2016 from 10am-5pm at HighPoint (tickets are limited and will sell out fast).  They willl also do a kinbaku rope performance on Saturday night before UPL/play, and attend Ropensapce on Sunday.  


$135 per person for Weekend Pass for everything all weekend.  Indcludes the intensive, Friday & Saturday night UPL (play parties, workshops and rope performances) AND Ropenspace on Sunday. Saturday Lunch and Sunday pancakes are also included!


Advance purchase only.


About Murphy Blue

Always prepared with a smile, a joke, and a length of rope, Murphy Blue has been bringing his kink knowledge and signature style wherever he could since the turn of the century. A self-claimed "American Rigger," Murphy tries to focus not just on the *hows* of tying, but the frequently forgotten *whys.* The interplay of people and energy through rope and gestures is something that should be passed along, and Murphy does his best to assist with that.


While known for his unique ropework, creative performances, bouncy demeanor, and intense love of Transformers, "The Blue" is also a scholar of different kinky skills, a skilled photographer, a budding writer, a practicing energy worker of multiple traditions, and a pretty darn good dancer. He is on a constant search for more information about the art of Shibari, and to experience different fetish environments and learn new skills. Murphy travels the country with the lovely ladies of "Team Blue," sharing insight, gaining knowledge, and saving the world, one knot at a time. He has been welcomed to speak at various events and locations, including Shibaricon, TESFest, The Society, Albany Power Exchange, Rochester Kink Society, Black Phoenix, Bound in Boston, Wicked Faire, and others.


Murphy Blue is the current Kinbakushi In Residence At The NYC Nawa Studio.  See more at his website.



The advanced intensive participants will get to spend a full day up close and personal with Murphy Blue in a small-group setting.  Each couple will have their own hard point.  There will be four 90-minute advanced workshops plus a lunch break (lunch to be provided).  See full workshop descriptions below.


Skill Level

Advanced intensive riggers should be should have basic suspension experience, including a basic understanding of at least one suspension chest harness, a basic understanding of rope safety, and the ability to properly lock an up-line.   Suspension riggers may be denied entry if not approved by RopeLab or Murphy Blue and all decisions are at their discretion. Bottoms should have some basic rope and preferably some suspension experience. 





Following Your Rope Path by Murphy Blue- 8:30-9:30pm

When you enter the “Rope Scene,” you sometimes see an amazing rope artist doing their thing and think, “I wanna be just like them!!” But do you really? Is there only one path to rope greatness? This discussion shows some of the different paths that exist in doing rope, as well as the desires of some of the practitioners of those paths. In doing so, you may be able to find what you want out of rope, without getting burnt out by expectations from an undesirable path.


 Kinbaku Rope Performance by Murphy Blue and Play party follows the workshop



Advanced Intensive with Murphy Blue - Doors 9:30am


Murphy Blue Intensive I:  Hip Harnesses for Suspensions  - 10:00am 11:20am

There are many different types of hip harnesses used for a rope suspension scene. This class will cover a few of them as well as explaining why you may want to use one over the other at a specific time. This way, the rigger will have a couple of extra options before putting their bottom’s bottom in the air.


Murphy Blue Intensive II:  Flow Training: Making the Rope Move - 11:30am-1pm

Once we have learned different ties, we strive to lay them on our partners with grace and control. This act, sometimes known as “flow,” can be difficult to master. This class focuses on different ways to move the rope around well, tips to improve your efficiency of movement, and a few drills you can do on your own to practice and improve your own flow. Three ropes of at least 20ft length are required for this class.


Lunch provided - 1-2pm


Murphy Blue Intensive III:  TK Breakdown and Tune Up - 2:00pm-3:20pm

There are many different versions of the box tie known as the Takate Kote. Instead of focusing on which version is the “right” one, This class breaks down what the TK is, what steps make it up, and shows you variants for each step, with reasons for why (and why not) to use them.


Murphy Blue Intensive IV:   Multi-Person Bondage, or “Sure, You can get tied up, too!” - 3:30pm-5:00pm

When you add a second rope bottom into the mix, you add a second set of needs, desires, and expectations. This class focuses on some concepts and ideas to help you keep everyone as connected in the scene as possible, even if there are no knots holding them there.



Saturday night will  begin with another can't-miss Murphy Blue workshop followed by some serious eye-candy: a rope performance by Lizard.


Murphy Blue Saturday night Workshop.   In The Lover’s Ropes - 8:30-9:30pm


As an aspect of Self, the Lover can house passion, lust, and an intense commitment to the pleasure of the Beloved. Invoking the Lover can offer the power and focus that comes with setting your energy on a goal: the giving of yourself to generate desire within and pleasure for your partner. The Lover is the architect of the sensual moment; with the raw materials of compassion and a complete devotion to the moment, the Lover's rewards come from the response and reciprocation of their Beloved.


This workshop will focus on invoking the Lover in both the binder and the bound (for it is always more powerful when both are working towards the pleasure of the other) and understanding how much to bring the Lover to the forefront of your interactions. You'll learn some rope ties uses to bind your partner in your passion and let the Lover’s energy linger on them for a while. Please either bring a partner you are willing to explore this with or a willingness to be paired up with someone and at least 25-30 ft of rope.


Lizard Shibari Performance - 9:45pm.  UPL/Play party follows until 2am


Sunday 8/28

Ropenspace hosted by Graydancer 

Graydancer Pancake breakfast at 10:30am followed by Ropenspace until 5pm

Murphy Blue & Lizard will be particpating at Ropenspace


More info


Location: HighPoint (near 315 & Henderson Roads in Columbus, Ohio.  Address will be given to registered attendees)


What to Bring:  ID and rope/gear.  You may also want to bring water, personal snack (like energy bars), food to share (brownies, pie, snacks), blankets, towels, yoga mats, carabineers/rings, and other kinky toys.   


Don't bring: Humans under 18, bad attitudes, private investigators, weapons, alcohol, illegal drugs, ocelots (or other non-human pets).


Dress:  Nude or not, anything goes but dress vanilla until you get in the main room. Please use a barrier to sit on like a blanket or towel if you are nude.


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August 26-28, 2016       *     HighPoint (Columbus, Ohio)



Intensives, Ropenspace & Play!