A Rope-y, Kinky Vacation 


 Pedro, Lizard, EbiMcKnotty,

Loom, kittenbynight, LaughingDragon, GirlOnFire, -Chel- & more!


March 26 - April 2, 2016

 Hedonism ii  ~ Jamaica 

UPDATE 2/22/16: More Presenters, Workshops & Performances added: See  all News & Updates

Imagine yourself on a stunning tropical beach at an all-inclusive Carribean resort. 


That'd be cool.


But what if, on your vacation, you could … you know, if you wanted … be naked and have sex just about anywhere at the resort? 


Even better.  


But wait - what if you could also bring kinky and rope-loving friends with you -  AND what if you could also have rope and kinky workshops, kinbaku performances and lab time with world famous rope kinksters like Pedro, Loom, ittenbynight, Lizard, EbiMcKnotty, LaughingDragon, GirlOnFire,-Chel- & More


Um, Where do I sign up????



 March 2016: 






An all-inclusive, kinky, rope-y vacation to Hedonism II in Jamaica

with Pedro, Loom, kittenbynight, Lizard, EbiMcKnotty, Chel- & More



















BeachBind will have:


  • 33 rope, photography & related workshops for all skill levels

  • 17 UPL times (Unconference, Play + Lab time)

  • Beach sunset photo shoots

  • Nightly play & uncoference times with hardpoints on the beach

  • A snorkel & mermaid boat trip and photo shoot 

  • Evening presenter performances

  • Morning yoga for rope

  • Optional private lessons with Pedro

  • Optional shopping & Sunset cliff jumping excursion to world famous Rick's Cafe

  • Meet N' greets & More!

***Reserve Your Spot Now!   ***  Only 30 Rooms Available.**  


***Once they're gone, they're gone!***

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